Organic Nettle and Hemp Hats

Nettle Hat

Ojai Valley Museum wanted a collection of my Hats made exclusively for them!

One Hat……Many Looks!

Nettle Hat Bow sideNettle Hat Bow front








Orange Nettle Hat

Orange Hat Bow sideOrange Hat Bow front








Gold Hat Bow back

Gold Hat Bow sideGold Nettle Hat








Blue Hemp Hat

Blue Hat Bow frontBlue Hat with Pin








Nettle Cloche

Nettle Summer Hat

Nettle Summer Hat

Published in a British Knitting Magazine!

It is so fun working with new materials. I love that they can make yarn out of the Nettle Fiber……how organic can it get?:-)

The hat itself is knit and then I crocheted the brim mixing Nettle and Wire so you can shape it any way you want!

A Perfect Summer Hat!

Ojai Rotary Club Grant Recipient


What a great honor to be one 2014’s grant recipients from the Ojai Rotary Club.

Proud to stand side by side wonderful organizations like Help of Ojai and the Nan Talbert Foundation. “One Stitch at a Time-Knitting in Recovery” is being recognized and acknowledged for the work we do using Knitting and Crocheting as tools for healing, compassion and inspiration. We are all Women IN Recovery, Knitting FOR Recovery, and this particular project for the Ojai Valley Family Shelter is to supply all the homeless who walk into one of our shelters with a hat and scarf set. Attached is a letter from the woman who knit them with love. Planting seeds goes a long way, and you never know who might find recovery. We are also knitting Blankets the shelters get to keep……and will hopefully have enough blankets to go around for everybody……in a few years:-)

YarnBombing for Monster HeadPhones and Instagram

ShoppinCart in Action

We had the best time YarnBombing for a Monster HeadPhones commercial on Instagram! We headed downtown to the Arts District in Los Angeles and my cousin’s daughter Carmen got to be the star of the commercials. It was her very first gig and she did so great!!!!!! I had a blast setting it all up and YarnBombing a Shopping Cart, Bicycle and Dumpster……Bring it On……

Lise and Shopping Cart

Here I am getting it all ready for Carmen:-)

Carmen working on Shopping Cart

Carmen at work being filmed!

……and here is the link……Shopping Cart Commercial on Instagram

Bicycle Yarn

Yarn ready to Bomb the Bike……

Carmen working on Bike

Carmen and Bike

……and the link…..Bicycle Commercial on Instagram

Dumpster Yarn

Yarn ready to Bomb the Dumpster……


Dumpster ready to YarnBombed……

Dumpster in Action

Dumpster YarnBombed

……and the link……Dumpster Commercial on Instagram