Fiber and Clay – Beard and Mustache Show

Jesus - First Friday1

Fiber and Clay, Together We Play……here is our rendition of Jesus!

First Friday - Jesus

We had a great time participating in the “Beard and Mustache Show” at sculptor Michele Chapin’s Stonework Studious in Ventura California. She opens her gallery and studio every First Friday of the month for all the local artists to show their work in a themed exhibit.

Fiber and Clay Jesus

Scot is the Potter and creates his part of our collaborated piece first. Then I get to “feel” it in my hands and get inspiration to go further with it in the direction it moves me. It always turns out different than what we originally talk about……and that is the fun part of it! Stay tuned for new monthly “Fiber and Clay” pieces and visit my Facebook page.

Here are other artists work that we admire!

Jimi Hendrix Quilt

Jimi Hendrix Quilt by Barbara Wunder Hynes

Michele Chapin Mustache

Michele Chapin’s carved stone sculpture – Mustache

Dianne Bennett Jesus

Dianne Bennett’ rendition of Jesus


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