Ojai Art Detour 2014

Detour Gang 2014

We had a blast for the second year in a row participating in the Ojai Art Detour. From the left you see Scot and I, Shelby Harbison and Barbara Crowder. Not in the photo is Sharon Markley. Hundreds of people showed up to share the weekend with us, our art, our home and studios, our animals……and yummy food!

There’s nothing like community……together!

Set of Ladies

“Fiber and Clay, Together We Play” – one of our new series of Scot’s ladies set upon knitting needles, and I get to knit and crochet gorgeous outfits for them!

Shepard Choir

Our Choir of Shepherds

Raku Troll

Our Raku Troll from the series of animals and fairy tale figures

Sharon Detour 2014

Sharon and her Jewelry


Barbara Detour 2014

Barbara and her Pastels and Jewelry

Barbara Crowder

Shelby Set-Up Detour 2014

Shelby’s Paintings

Shelby Blue Cat

Fundraiser Nook

Our Fundraising Table for the work we do with “One Stitch at a Time – Knitting in Recovery” and

“I am the Potter. You are the Clay”

Turqoise Multi

All salesof Scot’s HeartBeat Bowls and My Wash/DishCloths goes directly to our non-profit and mission

Multi Mason Jar Doilies

……as well as our Mason Jar Doilies



Ventura ArtWalk and Knitting Installation……for a Purpose

Ventura ArtWalk Aricia


What a Great Community Event we had here in Ventura California!

Here is what we accomplished in 10 days……
We asked for 12×12 knitted or crocheted squares
One Square……becomes 50 in a week……becomes 150 in 10days……becomes a Communty Patchwork Quilt installed on Michele Chapin’s Fence in time for the ArtWalk……to later become blankets for our homeless♥
Anacapa Square

Squares for ArtWalkAll Squares
……and Prayer Flags blowing the wind……
Back Fence
Front Fence
Ventura ArtWalk Fence and PrayerFlags

After our Community Patchwork Quilt Installation……out of the blue arrives the YarnBombers from Ojai……to add to this FiberFest and colorful Extravaganza in time for the annual ArtWalk……

Ventura ArtWalk Yarnbombing at work
Ventura ArtWalk Cops
I guess they were caught by the local police, but hopefully no harm done in beautifying the world a little……
Ventura ArtWalk Trees
Ventura ArtWalk Tree
Bench and Squares
Ventura ArtWalk Bench and Squares
OXO Blue Square



Ventura ArtWalk Booth

And after all the excitement and fun, Scot and I got to show our work among hundreds of other artists in Ventura. The town was buzzing with art, color, music, food……the whole community in support of the importance of All the Arts.

Ventura ArtWalk Scot and Lise

It’s a Happy Time!

Head and Shoulders Art Show

Scot and "Faith"


“Fiber and Clay, Together We Play”……and “Faith” emerges……

Scot Lise and "Faith"

Check out more of our work together on www.casitasmud.wordpress.com and on Casitas Mud and Lise Solvang Facebook Page

Fiber Art Master Pieces at the Ojai Valley Museum


Our beautiful Museum in Ojai opened up their very first Fiber Arts Show, celebrating the vast variety of Fiber Artists in the county of Ventura.  It has been a huge success, and I am so grateful and proud to be a part of it.  The public has responded  ecstatically to the “Modern Folk Art” feel the fiber arts have.


Here are my gowns in the process of being installed by the museums curator Michelle Ellis Pracy.  She has done an absolutely amazing job of creating this wonderful flow between all the different items, textures and colors.

Final Install

And the final installment……

Lisa and Lise

A happy me with one of my dear friends and models Lisa West at the opening reception.

Museum Reception

A crowded opening reception, the most successful ever!

Leslie and Thangka

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo in front of her Tibetan Thangka and two of her portraits. Amazing Lady with Amazing Work!

Tibetan Thangka

A close up of her intricate work and embroidery.

John Nava

An admirer of John Nava’s woven tapestry. He was commissioned to do over 100 portraits of different saints for the Los Angeles Cathedral, and he modeled them all after residents of Ojai!

Linda Taylor

Fabulous Paper Artist, and one of my favorites, Linda Taylor explaining her process.

Linda Taylor Dress

And here is her Paper Gown, illuminated with female portraits and love poems.


Gerri Johnson-McMillan with her famous Zooids, in metal, fiber and beads.

Gerri Johnson-McMillan

Sonny and Chair

I just can’t resist showing Fran Bulwa’s  woven multimedia “Sonny and Chair” She makes my heart sing:-)

Town Talk I

Michelle invites to a “Town Talk” where she moderates a Q and A with the fiber artists and invites the public to participate as well.Very popular, so much so she is doing a second one March 17th:-)

The exhibit is open through March 31st.

Welcome to All

Celebrate Fiber

Celebrate Art

Ojai Valley Museum – Fiber Art Master Pieces

OVM Poster

Michelle Ellis of the Ojai Valley Museum asked me to participate in this marvelous upcoming Fiber Art Exhibit opening January 19 and showing through March 31 this year. There truly are some masterful pieces in this exhibit, and I feel greatly honored.

Here is a sneak peek at the two gowns I am showing……

Lisa WinterWhite



The fabulous photography is by Bob McFall, Model is the beautiful Lisa West




Please visit www.ojaivalleymuseum.com for more information on the exhibit, other participating fiber artists and photos of their work. There is also more information on my FaceBook page

Art, Community, Friends, Family


Last weekend was the annual Ojai Studio Artist Tour and Ojai Artist Detour and we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend Carrie Rubalcava’s home and show with her and another artist friend Shelby Harbison.  The whole Community of Ojai Artists open their homes and studios in order to share their art and how they create it, with people not only from our own community, but also people who come from far and wide.  Two days of showing, sharing, inspiring, being inspired.  It is fabulous!  We see old friends and meet new friends.  There is so much laughter and joy, and through that such a deeper connection with everyone.          A great example of living in the moment with each other.

Here we are: Myself, the Knitter, Scot the Potter, Shelby the Painter, Carrie the Gourd Artist

A little Scot and Me….” Fiber and Clay, Together We Play”

I love how are mediums connect so well together, both color wise and texture wise……who knew?  We’ve been playing around with creating more pieces together and it is a blast. Looking forward to sharing that with you all:-)

Scot’s famous “Genie Vase”

Shelby is one of my favorite painters. I have an array of her work in my Studio. It inspires me so.  Her playful, vivid, colorful creations put such a smile on my face.  For some reason I see myself in most of her paintings……

Even this one:-)

Carrie’s magnificent Gourd Art. I started an ornament collection with her……I’m already excited for next year’s:-)


Not only is Carrie a fabulous artist, but she has two sons who both are well on their way.  Here is Nick with a Guitar Gourd he made……and it plays……We have an artist friend who came by and was mighty impressed.  He said if Nick could work on the sound a little more, it would be well worth $1000.00. Not bad for a 15 year old!

Nick’s younger brother Quinten got the pottery bug, and spent alot of time with Scot on the wheel. He wants his own now……and kiln.  How great is that!  Scot is such a great teacher and inspirator.  That is his main mission in life, to plant little seeds. “I am the Potter, You are the Clay”

Thanks again Carrie for sharing your home and family with us……allowing for us to share our Art, Community, Friends and Family with Everyone!