Lovely Lace – FingerLess Gloves

Tan Lace GlovesI love dressing up and adding a little extra Feminine Flair – with my Lace Fingerless Gloves!

They come in three lengths, short – just past your wrist, medium – see above photo, long – up to elbow, see photo below!

Grey Lace GlovesSilver Barefoot Sandals and Grey Lace Gloves


Wall of Crocheted HairBands

Wall of HairBandsI Love Color!

These HairBands can also be worn as WristBands, Scarves and Belts! Nothing like multi-uses!

Bamboo Lace Dress

Bamboo Lace Dress

Turqoise HairbandTurqoise WristbandGreen Wristbands_MG_2597

Recycled Panchettes – KnitKit

Turqoise Panchette

Dive into the Ocean

These Panchettes can be purchased as finished items as well as KnitKits……so you can knit your own!

The different yarns and textures gives such a luxurious look and feel to the Panchette, also creating an individual look……no two are exactly alike. They are also so versatile……just throw them on over your shoulders and you are suddenly “dressed” to go anywhere. Fun worn as skirts over leggings, jeans or another skirt as well.

Orange PanchetteSkip into the Meadow

Olive PanchetteDeep into the Woods

Purple PanchettePink Moment of Ojai

Multi PanchetteRust PanchetteBordeaux PanchetteSpring PanchetteSpring Blossom

Lavender PanchettePink PanchetteBordeaux Panchette 1Cerise PanchetteTan Panchette