Our Ducks – Quackers and Quack Quack

Dirty Ducks

The Best Day Ever! It Rained! There were Puddles! There was Mud!

Nothing like being a Dirty Duck!

Dirty Quackers

Ahhhhhh……They say a MudPack is good for you!!!!!!

Quack Quack Duckling

Quack Quack came to us at 5 days old and of course became instant friends with Quackers who sorely needed a buddy……he was sick and tired of chickens!

Quack Quack and Quackers digging

Quack Quack at two weeks old and venturing out in the big world……safely protected by Quackers……and he’s a great teacher!

Quack Quack and Quakers digging2

This is going great……

Quack Quack trying

……but I can be a little clumsy at times!

Quack Quack Bigger

What just happened……? How is he bigger than me at only 5 weeks old? He doesn’t even have feathers!

Quack Quack Bigger 2

A big Baby Huey!……and a grandpa call duck named Quackers!


All feathered and grown up……and still following his mentor and Best Buddy!

It's a good day to be a duck

It’s a Good Day to be a Duck!

Swimming in a Puddle

I can swim……You’re to big!

I can Swim

I’ll race ya……

Quack Quack Shower

It’s Shower Day!

Shower Day

Quackers Showers

In Small Pond

We have to try anything with water in it!!!!!!

Scot Chickens and Ducks

And we Love hanging out with our Daddy and our Chicken Sisters!!!!!!


Knittin’ an Rockin’

Giant Knitting Needles

There is nothing like sitting in your Rocking Chair in front of your Barn, Knitting a Blanket that’s keeping you warm on Giant Knitting Needles!

Our Cats – RustMae and ButterNut

Find Rusty 1

RustyMae found the ultimate place to sleep……in a basket full of donated Mohair Yarn in her colors. The yarn became a beautiful blanket to a lucky woman in recovery!

Find Rusty

I guess she’s testing it to see if it would make a nice blanket……

Rusty in Basket of Yarn

……Camouflage Kitty……

B and R in Basket

RustyMae and her sister ButterNut……just loving the baskets

ButterNut and Rusty on Wicker

……or anything wicker to sleep on……

Rise and Shine 4 Months

ButterNut took good care of RustyMae, the runt of their litter

ButterNut and RustyMae 1

4 months old when we rescued them

RustyMae 1

RustyMae the little elfling

ButterNut in dead tree

ButterNut was quite the adventurer……this is her first day outside after we got her!

ButterNut in Tree

Where is the biggest tree……and how high can I get? Higher……and higher……

ButterNut in Tree 1

……and higher……oooooops……how do I get down?

RustMae and Rosemary

RustyMae likes to be gorunded……and smell the roses……

RustyMae and Rosemary 1

……and rosemary……

Rusty Mae and her Birds

and take care of HER parakeets!

Rusty and Dusty

RustyMae and her new kitten pal DustyRae……it’s good to have someone to sleep with, play with and keep clean!

My HomeLand Norway


I recently went home to Norway for my Mom’s 75th birthday and got to spend some good quality time with my family at the family farm. I absolutely love it there and am so grateful my sister can keep it so beautifully restored. This is where I feel with every fiber in my body that I AM SO NORWEGIAN! It feels so good! I don’t share much of my personal life with you, only my knitting life, but I want you to get to know me a little more and get a better understanding of where this knitting thing comes from. This is where it all started……

HovedHus 2Our Home

GjesteHusOur Guest House



GarageOur Garage and WorkShop

OutHouseOur OutHouse

HovedHus 1Our Home, again



StabburOur StorageHouse

Buer FieldSkis










Buer FenceBuer Window







Beautiful Photos from my Brother



Lise i GyngestolMe in my GrandMa’s Rocking Chair……a very special moment for me……

Solvang Barn……looking out at her Barn

GeirMy Brother

NephewsMy Three Loves……My Nephews

RekeSmørbrødMy Favorite Sandwich of all time……Yummy Homemade Bread, Arugula, Norwegian Shrimp, Aioli, Caviar, Fresh Dill

Family at AirportMy Family greeting us at the Airport

Finches – The New YarnBombers

Finch in Nest

We adopted 100 Finches and they quickly needed to build some nests in their new aviary. What’s better than giving them soft, warm and fuzzy alpaca, angora, mohair and a finely spun merino in an array of colors to yarnbomb away and get ready for a       long, cold winter!

Finches Top Level

Figuring out the color scheme……

Top Level and Top Floor

I’m ready……in my light winter palette……


Upstairs Downstair Nest

I want a little more couflage……with a little zest from the feathery turqoise……



Can you see us?……


Finch Nest 1

First Prize for the best use of color……

Almond Abundance

Almonds in Bowls

Our very first Almond Harvest abundantly fills Scot’s beautiful ceramic bowls!

The flower is inspired by the the amazing collage of nature’s wonder, popping up everywhere in our garden.

Fiber and Clay, Together We Play


Almond Harvest

The first pickings!


The Gardener Scot

The Gardener!

Crocheted Mason Jar Doilies

Mason Jar Doilies

There is nothing like growing your own cucumbers, your own apricots and picking your friends blackberries……so you can practice the art of canning with your boyfriend. He makes Dill Pickles, Garlic Pickles and my favorite Jalapeno Garlic Pickles. The Apricot Preserves I make are so yummy with yoghurt or ice cream, and BlackBerry Jam on homemade bread is good anytime and anywhere!

And with Mason Jar Doilies they make the perfect gift!