Crochet World Magazine and my Mason Jar Doilies

CW Cover

The upcoming issue of Crochet World Magazine is featuring my Mason Jar Doilies!

CW Doilies

Fiber and Clay, Together We Play – EyeBowls

Dark Turqoise EyeBowl

Our favorite gift to give these days!

Scot makes these fabulous Ceramic EyeBowls……I bake BananaBread in them and cover them with crocheted Hats/Doilies

Light Turqoise EyeBowl

@ Turqoise EyeBowls

3 Blue and Green EyeBowls

Green EyeBowl

Colorful Doilies

Dark Tan EyeBowl

Light Tan EyeBowl

2 Tan EyeBowls

White EyeBowl

Orange EyeBowl