Happy Memorial Day


Thank You to All who Served and to All who continue to Serve Us!


My HomeLand Norway


I recently went home to Norway for my Mom’s 75th birthday and got to spend some good quality time with my family at the family farm. I absolutely love it there and am so grateful my sister can keep it so beautifully restored. This is where I feel with every fiber in my body that I AM SO NORWEGIAN! It feels so good! I don’t share much of my personal life with you, only my knitting life, but I want you to get to know me a little more and get a better understanding of where this knitting thing comes from. This is where it all started……

HovedHus 2Our Home

GjesteHusOur Guest House



GarageOur Garage and WorkShop

OutHouseOur OutHouse

HovedHus 1Our Home, again



StabburOur StorageHouse

Buer FieldSkis










Buer FenceBuer Window







Beautiful Photos from my Brother



Lise i GyngestolMe in my GrandMa’s Rocking Chair……a very special moment for me……

Solvang Barn……looking out at her Barn

GeirMy Brother

NephewsMy Three Loves……My Nephews

RekeSmørbrødMy Favorite Sandwich of all time……Yummy Homemade Bread, Arugula, Norwegian Shrimp, Aioli, Caviar, Fresh Dill

Family at AirportMy Family greeting us at the Airport

YarnBombing for NAMI Ventura

Christine and Blue Pole

NAMI Ventura (National Alliance for Mental Illness) just had their annual Walk at the beach in Ventura to raise awareness on Mental Illness and help break down the stigma.  The clients at Turning Point Foundation spent weeks making pom poms, finger crocheting chains, crocheting flowers and vines to get ready to YarnBomb the city in time for the walk…… spreading joy, fun, color and a lot of smiles to the public. Thousands of people showed up for the every successful event……it was a Happy Day!

There is something very special about contributing to your community……by helping others you help yourself, it’s as simple as that. It’s a beautiful thing to see how many people stop and smile and wonder when we install the yarnbomb……giving us an opportunity to just be of service……making us smile in return……and the clients get to go home with an amazing sense of Self:-)

Here’s the story in pictures from Start to Finish

Red Pom PomBlue Hanging Pom PomBlue:White and Green Pom Pom


FingerCrocheting TurqoiseFingerCrocheting BraceletFinger Crocheting

Yarn Ready for Yarning

Coral and Susan Yarning

Charmaine and Ana Yarning

Lisa Yarning

Man Yarning

Red BenchPink Bench 2







Green Bench 2Blue Bench








Purple PolePurple Pole with SignPurple Pole Close Up


Poles and BenchGreen Pole Close UpFlower Blanket Close Up

Blue Poli with HeartsChristine and Blue Pole





















Blue Pole at Craft Fair

Prototypes Womens Center Knitting Hats

Daughter in Law and Pink Hat

Here is a happy recipient of a hand crocheted hat by one of the women at Prototypes Womens Center in Oxnard California.

Mens Hat

……and another happy recipient……

Women Crocheting

One of the ladies has been inspired to start her own little side business designing and crocheting hats!This will indeed help her find her own independence when time comes to leave the house and set out on her own……I am so proud of her……these are all created and crocheted by her with no patterns!

Turqoise Hat

White and Red Hat

Red-White-Black HatOrange Hat

Prototypes Logo

Ribbons of Life WashCloth Fundraiser

Washcloth CupCakes

Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Foundation held their annual fundraiser and we knit WashCloths/DishCloths to help raise funds to provide breast cancer education, advocacy, emotional and social support to women, their families and communities within Ventura County.

Washcloth Yarn

It starts with some cotton yarn in fun and vibrant colors……

Lise SolvangSylvia RosolekJo Ann Kirkby

……an array of women in recovery……

Meschal KearnsTamilynJessica Whitworth

……and supportive friends……

Carlene FaeberAllyson SwaneyFelicia Garman Washcloth Inventory

We come up with a huge supply!

Ventura College

……and start packaging in fun and different ways……

Washcloth LoafsWahcloth BasketSnowman WashclothWashcloth BonBonMason Jar Washcloth

……something for everyone……

Cleaning LabelProceeds label

……great Tags and Care Instructions……

Ventura College Chris and Joann

……and someone to sell……

Knitting Ladies


Fiber and Clay, Together We Play – EyeBowls

Dark Turqoise EyeBowl

Our favorite gift to give these days!

Scot makes these fabulous Ceramic EyeBowls……I bake BananaBread in them and cover them with crocheted Hats/Doilies

Light Turqoise EyeBowl

@ Turqoise EyeBowls

3 Blue and Green EyeBowls

Green EyeBowl

Colorful Doilies

Dark Tan EyeBowl

Light Tan EyeBowl

2 Tan EyeBowls

White EyeBowl

Orange EyeBowl