YarnBombing for NAMI Ventura

Christine and Blue Pole

NAMI Ventura (National Alliance for Mental Illness) just had their annual Walk at the beach in Ventura to raise awareness on Mental Illness and help break down the stigma.  The clients at Turning Point Foundation spent weeks making pom poms, finger crocheting chains, crocheting flowers and vines to get ready to YarnBomb the city in time for the walk…… spreading joy, fun, color and a lot of smiles to the public. Thousands of people showed up for the every successful event……it was a Happy Day!

There is something very special about contributing to your community……by helping others you help yourself, it’s as simple as that. It’s a beautiful thing to see how many people stop and smile and wonder when we install the yarnbomb……giving us an opportunity to just be of service……making us smile in return……and the clients get to go home with an amazing sense of Self:-)

Here’s the story in pictures from Start to Finish

Red Pom PomBlue Hanging Pom PomBlue:White and Green Pom Pom


FingerCrocheting TurqoiseFingerCrocheting BraceletFinger Crocheting

Yarn Ready for Yarning

Coral and Susan Yarning

Charmaine and Ana Yarning

Lisa Yarning

Man Yarning

Red BenchPink Bench 2







Green Bench 2Blue Bench








Purple PolePurple Pole with SignPurple Pole Close Up


Poles and BenchGreen Pole Close UpFlower Blanket Close Up

Blue Poli with HeartsChristine and Blue Pole





















Blue Pole at Craft Fair

Finches – The New YarnBombers

Finch in Nest

We adopted 100 Finches and they quickly needed to build some nests in their new aviary. What’s better than giving them soft, warm and fuzzy alpaca, angora, mohair and a finely spun merino in an array of colors to yarnbomb away and get ready for a       long, cold winter!

Finches Top Level

Figuring out the color scheme……

Top Level and Top Floor

I’m ready……in my light winter palette……


Upstairs Downstair Nest

I want a little more couflage……with a little zest from the feathery turqoise……



Can you see us?……


Finch Nest 1

First Prize for the best use of color……

Ventura ArtWalk and Knitting Installation……for a Purpose

Ventura ArtWalk Aricia


What a Great Community Event we had here in Ventura California!

Here is what we accomplished in 10 days……
We asked for 12×12 knitted or crocheted squares
One Square……becomes 50 in a week……becomes 150 in 10days……becomes a Communty Patchwork Quilt installed on Michele Chapin’s Fence in time for the ArtWalk……to later become blankets for our homeless♥
Anacapa Square

Squares for ArtWalkAll Squares
……and Prayer Flags blowing the wind……
Back Fence
Front Fence
Ventura ArtWalk Fence and PrayerFlags

After our Community Patchwork Quilt Installation……out of the blue arrives the YarnBombers from Ojai……to add to this FiberFest and colorful Extravaganza in time for the annual ArtWalk……

Ventura ArtWalk Yarnbombing at work
Ventura ArtWalk Cops
I guess they were caught by the local police, but hopefully no harm done in beautifying the world a little……
Ventura ArtWalk Trees
Ventura ArtWalk Tree
Bench and Squares
Ventura ArtWalk Bench and Squares
OXO Blue Square



Ventura ArtWalk Booth

And after all the excitement and fun, Scot and I got to show our work among hundreds of other artists in Ventura. The town was buzzing with art, color, music, food……the whole community in support of the importance of All the Arts.

Ventura ArtWalk Scot and Lise

It’s a Happy Time!

Ojai YarnBombing – The Wave

Wave Daylight

The old abandoned carwash in Meiners Oaks, Ojai received a beautiful “SPLASH” of color in the form of flowing and dancing waves. See the JellyFish diving into the action?


Ceramic Head with yarn and glass beads flowing behind

The Wave Detail

Detail of Wave

The Wave Installation

YarnBombers in black in the black of night

The Wave Full

The very last touch

YarnBombing in Ojai – Chapter 5

Libbey Park Tree 1

This “Missoni”esque Tree popped up in Libbey Park, Ojai California just in time for the fabulous Art in the Park weekend!

Libbey Park Tree

There was even a “Toe Ring” Flower on the “foot” of the tree!

Libbey Park Tree 2

……and the multitude of flowers just dripping down……

Farmers Market

Our Sunday “Farmers Market” opened to this beautiful sight, matching our fruit and vegetables!

Wedding 1

Somebody’s SuperCute Wedding Day!


Who wouldn’t want to see this to brighten their day……?

Wedding Take Down

Oh……there are ninkompoops around!

End of story however……he was caught and made to put everything back the way he found it……under supervision!

Ojai YarnBombing……A Night at the Museum


The Fiber Art Master Pieces Exhibit at the Ojai Valley Museum opened up to such a success that of course the Ojai YarnBombers had to be a part of it:-) Look what we woke up to a couple of days later……


The happy Museum Director posts the yarnbombing on their Facebook page, and calls it “Art by a Renegade, Improvisational, Anonymous Fiber Artist Group”


“Winter Tree”