The Sum of All Donations

All Knits 2015

Thank You to Luanne Pontbriant and Jacquie Lober for helping to sort, write cards and package all the knit and crochet donations to the various shelters and programs we have adopted. We delivered to Help of Ojai, Project Understanding, Ojai Valley Family Shelter, Casa Serena and several shelters in Alaska and Canada.

Lots of nice fuzzy, warm knits with lots of love in every stitch!


BookEnds Knitting Group

What a wonderful group of Knitters, Crocheters, Weavers, Sewers and Menders here at BookEnds Bookstore in Ojai California! 

Women coming together, Sharing, Laughing and Helping Each Other❤️ 


Recycled Panchettes – KnitKit

Turqoise Panchette

Dive into the Ocean

These Panchettes can be purchased as finished items as well as KnitKits……so you can knit your own!

The different yarns and textures gives such a luxurious look and feel to the Panchette, also creating an individual look……no two are exactly alike. They are also so versatile……just throw them on over your shoulders and you are suddenly “dressed” to go anywhere. Fun worn as skirts over leggings, jeans or another skirt as well.

Orange PanchetteSkip into the Meadow

Olive PanchetteDeep into the Woods

Purple PanchettePink Moment of Ojai

Multi PanchetteRust PanchetteBordeaux PanchetteSpring PanchetteSpring Blossom

Lavender PanchettePink PanchetteBordeaux Panchette 1Cerise PanchetteTan Panchette

Ojai Rotary Club Grant Recipient


What a great honor to be one 2014’s grant recipients from the Ojai Rotary Club.

Proud to stand side by side wonderful organizations like Help of Ojai and the Nan Talbert Foundation. “One Stitch at a Time-Knitting in Recovery” is being recognized and acknowledged for the work we do using Knitting and Crocheting as tools for healing, compassion and inspiration. We are all Women IN Recovery, Knitting FOR Recovery, and this particular project for the Ojai Valley Family Shelter is to supply all the homeless who walk into one of our shelters with a hat and scarf set. Attached is a letter from the woman who knit them with love. Planting seeds goes a long way, and you never know who might find recovery. We are also knitting Blankets the shelters get to keep……and will hopefully have enough blankets to go around for everybody……in a few years:-)

A Knitter’s HomeLife

Scot and Me

After a lot of requests……here are some photos of my Home Life in Ojai, California taken by my friend Marita……

Home starts with Scot and the little homestead we are creating, “Olson’s Sunny Meadows”, a merging of our last names……his Olson and mine Solvang which  means Sunny Meadow in Norwegian. I am straight from Norway and he is of Norwegian descent. We’re always out in the garden and working the land every spare moment we have!


The front of our little cottage.

Front Door

Everybody is Welcome!


Our Scarecrows who change outfits according to seasons or events throughout the year. This is their Spring outfit.

Marita and Chickens

This is what happens if you stop by for breakfast on our front porch.  We all Share!

Ducks and Mirror

Our Ducks Quackers and Quackelina just can’t get enough of themselves, each other……and our vegetable plants!

Mjau Mjau

Beautiful Mjau Mjau, our 21 year old cat who adopted us after being feral for 17 years.

Josephine Dirtbath

Josephine taking her dirtbath in privacy!


The Riverbottom is our front yard……literally! See all “our” cows?:-)


A sneak peek into our haven of a vegetable garden……more to be revealed!

Scot Barbequing

Scot is a master at smoking meat and barbequing anything. Here he is smoking and barbequing Portobello Mushrooms.


Our Artichokes taste like lobster dipped in Butter……LOVE!

Portobello Mushroom Burger

A Portobello Mushroom Burger with Aioli, Tomatoes, Lettuce, barbecued Anaheim Peppers, YUMMY! with Artichokes on the side!


Spring is in the Air – PhotoShoot


Here is my first new design in a series of Spring and Summer Knits.  Beautiful Lisa West is wearing a hand knit Lace Long Skirt that can also be worn as a Strapless Dress.  An Open Knit Shrug doubles as a scarf, and the always cool crocheted Headband can be worn as a Hairband, Scarf, Belt or Wristband!  All photos by the immaculate Robert McFall.