Published – Knitscene Magazine

Draped Heather Vest - Knitscene

My Heather Draped Vest was published in Knitscene Magazine!

This vest is knit in one piece, with no seams, which gives a wonderful draped look!


Our Cats – RustMae and ButterNut

Find Rusty 1

RustyMae found the ultimate place to sleep……in a basket full of donated Mohair Yarn in her colors. The yarn became a beautiful blanket to a lucky woman in recovery!

Find Rusty

I guess she’s testing it to see if it would make a nice blanket……

Rusty in Basket of Yarn

……Camouflage Kitty……

B and R in Basket

RustyMae and her sister ButterNut……just loving the baskets

ButterNut and Rusty on Wicker

……or anything wicker to sleep on……

Rise and Shine 4 Months

ButterNut took good care of RustyMae, the runt of their litter

ButterNut and RustyMae 1

4 months old when we rescued them

RustyMae 1

RustyMae the little elfling

ButterNut in dead tree

ButterNut was quite the adventurer……this is her first day outside after we got her!

ButterNut in Tree

Where is the biggest tree……and how high can I get? Higher……and higher……

ButterNut in Tree 1

……and higher……oooooops……how do I get down?

RustMae and Rosemary

RustyMae likes to be gorunded……and smell the roses……

RustyMae and Rosemary 1

……and rosemary……

Rusty Mae and her Birds

and take care of HER parakeets!

Rusty and Dusty

RustyMae and her new kitten pal DustyRae……it’s good to have someone to sleep with, play with and keep clean!

Alpaca Allure

Baby Suri Alpaca Cuff

Baby Suri Alpaca Cuff

I love knitting with Alpaca Yarn……

“The Fleece of the Gods”

That is what this beautiful animal, the alpaca, is known for. They are indigenous to the mountains of South America where they play and graze way up high close to the sky…..and God. And boy do they play. They are communal animals, always looking out for each other, appropriately called “The Dolphins of the Land”


Baby Suri Alpaca Cuffs

Baby Suri Alpaca Cuffs

The high quality of this wool, in some cases softer than cashmere, is hypo-allergenic and gently gently caresses your skin. The following Cuffs, Bandanas and Lace Scarves are knit with baby Suri Alpaca, the very first shearing of this “ringlet” Alpaca, one of the two breeds, the other one being Huacaya.

Baby Suri Alpaca Lace Scarf/Hairband

Baby Suri Alpaca Lace Scarf/Hairband

Baby Suri Alpaca Lace Scarf/Hairband

Baby Suri Alpaca Lace Scarf/Hairband

Baby Suri Alpaca Lace Scarves/Hairbands

Baby Suri Alpaca Lace Scarves/Hairbands

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Multi Patterned Scarves

Multi Patterned Scarves

Multi Patterned Scarf and Hat

Multi Patterned Scarf and Hat

Cable Scarf and Hat

Cable Scarf and Hat


Baby Suri Alpaca Bandana

Baby Suri Alpaca Bandana

Baby Suri Alpaca Bandanas

Baby Suri Alpaca Bandanas

Ojai Yarn Bombers Flower Power

1000 Flowers

The City of Ojai was abuzz buzz……the bees of Ojai were abuzz buzz……who wouldn’t be with a 1000 flowers dripping from the famous pergola in a stunning array of rainbow colors. Strolling through the pergola gave you beauty, happiness and a joyful giggling heart♥

Pergola 7

Pergola 5

Pergola 6

The people of Ojai certainly enjoyed being enveloped by these beautiful flowers. They came in droves and stayed under the pergola for hours……it did what it was supposed to do……give people beauty, give people joy, give people peace……

Pergola 1

Pergola 3

Pergola 4

Pergola 2

On a sadder note……after only three days of this joy, right after Ojai Day ended……for some reason a mob mentality broke out and people of all ages, adults and kids, started tearing the installation down (perhaps for souvenirs) and within an hour it was all gone……down to the last petal……

We choose to remember the beauty and joy it gave to our community in Ojai……

……it sure had a massive impact!

Organic Nettle and Hemp Hats

Nettle Hat

Ojai Valley Museum wanted a collection of my Hats made exclusively for them!

One Hat……Many Looks!

Nettle Hat Bow sideNettle Hat Bow front








Orange Nettle Hat

Orange Hat Bow sideOrange Hat Bow front








Gold Hat Bow back

Gold Hat Bow sideGold Nettle Hat








Blue Hemp Hat

Blue Hat Bow frontBlue Hat with Pin








Nettle Cloche