Happily Hooked Magazine #16

Happily Hooked Cover 16Happy to be a part of Happily Hooked Magazine’s Summer Issue #16!

Happily Hooked 16Check out this wonderful online, monthly magazine. There is something for everybody in every issue. They have an array of designers and patterns, fun and informative articles……and it is run by very wonderful and professional people!

My contribution this month are the BareFoot Sandals!

Lilac bareFoot Sandals 2 HHKEasy to crochet……great on the beach and poolside……I love them in yoga class……and they are awesome with simple sandals, flat or high heels……so you can wear them out on the town.


From Hands to Heart

After a short break of not teaching knitting to the girls at Prototypes over the summer, I was finally back. Back to some familiar faces, a lot of new faces, missing some of the old faces……but most of all back to this wonderful energy that envelopes the room as our hands start moving again, together, and our fingers start dancing around knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn. And I remember. I remember why I love this so much, why I do this, how I do this.

We have 7 Chakras and 5 of are directly connected to our senses. The Hands are the Motor Organ to one of our senses, Touch, which is an extension of our Heart Chakra.

The holiness of any handwork aids in the opening of the heart chakra.  Knitting happens to be one of very few things that is best learned one-on-one in person.  I interweave my hands with one girl at a time, guide her into a timeless motion that is to be repeated hundreds, thousands, hopefully millions of times into the future.  I literally hold her hand through the struggle and fight of “getting it right” as we so repeatedly do in life.

So used to priding ourselves on our self-sufficiency, we normally cut ourselves off from this shared source of abundant wisdom and help that others are willing to give us.  Here, the communal circle allows us to do our own heart work, the work of healing our selves and each other.  This state of openness transcends our own ego boundaries as it allows us to stay out of our judging minds, even for a little while as we create something that is our own.

I knit to meditate, to quiet myself, to reach transcendence, to create art, to play, to touch, to heal.

From My Hands to Your Heart

Peace Love Om – My latest PhotoShoot

I had the best time with my friend Winifred who beautifully modeled my latest designs, and the photographer duo Mark Turner and Caitlin Fitch. They do beautiful work, and turns out Caitlin is an avid knitter:-)

Peace Love Om really signifies who I am as a designer, and a big part of this collection is designed with yoga in mind.

You can however wear these designs in many different ways, dress it up to high fashion or wear it hippie chic.

See the Peace Love Om Page under Lise’s Patterns and the Copper Caress Page under Lise’s Designs for a full experience of the PhotoShoot,